This isn’t Romance

28 February 2009, Soho Theatre, London.

I always like going to watch shows and events that involve someone I know. Find it particularly inspiring as I don’t know too many people in the arts from my highschool/university days.

This was a great play. Great cast, in particular Jennifer Lim and the old man. It was an interesting concept and the text explored it well.

The idea of how losing a loved one, the centre of your life, can impact and influence you so much, that you just can’t live without them again when they surface. How do you differentiate between loving someone and needing someone? The lengths of which you go to help someone you love. But now put this all in the context of two orphans – a brother and sister. A sister who abandoned her baby brother and comes looking for him 25 years later. Yes, it became rather incestuous. But you really felt for the characters, and how much they were wanting to compensate, make up for lost time… how they have lived with being neglected, abandoned… and so they have completely different views and limitations of emotional and physical love.

It completely threw me off – went in not realizing how depressing the play was actually going to be. Not really Saturday matinee afternoon material. But what a great play, so powerful and impressionable. Really admire actors… how do they manage to perform shows of such intensity, without being affected?

The only thing that didn’t work were the accents! Heh.

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