The Makropulos Case

23 February 2017, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Great show by the National Theatre Brno with an interesting premise. Czech composer Janáček’s most famous work, interpreted from Karel Čapek’s play. I went in with no expectations. It’s not often that I watch opera (still learning how to appreciate the artform), but when I do, I often enjoy it because … More The Makropulos Case

An Orchestral Celebration of the Films of Leslie Cheung

19 March 2013, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall Leslie Cheung… what an icon. I remember adoring him when I was very young (and even getting to eat dinner with him as my mum is friends with his sister!). This concert was a musical tribute to him, where the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra performed music … More An Orchestral Celebration of the Films of Leslie Cheung


20 March 2013, Phoenix Theatre, London Quietly beautiful. Subtly moving. Once won 8 Tony’s last year. It’s a bit of a mystery how it’s not selling very well in London at the moment. I think partly it’s to do with its unfortunate clash with the opening of The Book of Mormon which has gotten the … More Once

Burn the Floor – the Ultimate Ballroom Sensation

24 October 2012, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Hong Kong Probably the highest energy show I have ever seen. Absolutely incredible how they managed to sustain their energy levels for more than two hours of intense non-stop ballroom dancing. This show had an interesting vibe and flavour. It started off with 90s rock n’ … More Burn the Floor – the Ultimate Ballroom Sensation