2 July 2018, Savoy Theatre, London Dreamgirls was so much fun! Initially I was a bit bummed that we didn’t have Amber Riley playing the main role of Effie White, especially considering she won an Olivier Award for her performance. But seeing Marisha Wallace… I cannot imagine anyone who could’ve played the part stronger. What … More Dreamgirls

Isango Ensemble + Young Vic: A Man of Good Hope

24 February 2018, Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts. I am finding it quite difficult to find the right words to reflect on this vibrant (though slightly too long) piece of theatre. The harsh realities and issues raised juxtaposed with the celebratory South African style in which it was presented meant that I left … More Isango Ensemble + Young Vic: A Man of Good Hope


31 January 2017, Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts It always intrigues me how some shows speak to some and not to others. Like Cats. I have actually at multiple moments in my life thought why is Cats such an appeal? For this show to be doing it’s nth world tour, surely most people around … More Cats

Lula del Ray

27 October 2017, ArtisTree, Hong Kong This show was a product of an incredibly impressive amount of coordination. An array of video footage, two overhead projectors, three person live band, four puppeteers who also contributed their own shadows, and what must’ve been hundreds of set and puppet pieces. This show is created by Manual Cinema, … More Lula del Ray

The Makropulos Case

23 February 2017, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Great show by the National Theatre Brno with an interesting premise. Czech composer Janáček’s most famous work, interpreted from Karel Čapek’s play. I went in with no expectations. It’s not often that I watch opera (still learning how to appreciate the artform), but when I do, I often enjoy it because … More The Makropulos Case

An Orchestral Celebration of the Films of Leslie Cheung

19 March 2013, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall Leslie Cheung… what an icon. I remember adoring him when I was very young (and even getting to eat dinner with him as my mum is friends with his sister!). This concert was a musical tribute to him, where the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra performed music … More An Orchestral Celebration of the Films of Leslie Cheung