2 July 2018, Savoy Theatre, London Dreamgirls was so much fun! Initially I was a bit bummed that we didn’t have Amber Riley playing the main role of Effie White, especially considering she won an Olivier Award for her performance. But seeing Marisha Wallace… I cannot imagine anyone who could’ve played the part stronger. What … More Dreamgirls


31 January 2017, Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts It always intrigues me how some shows speak to some and not to others. Like Cats. I have actually at multiple moments in my life thought why is Cats such an appeal? For this show to be doing it’s nth world tour, surely most people around … More Cats


20 March 2013, Phoenix Theatre, London Quietly beautiful. Subtly moving. Once won 8 Tony’s last year. It’s a bit of a mystery how it’s not selling very well in London at the moment. I think partly it’s to do with its unfortunate clash with the opening of The Book of Mormon which has gotten the … More Once

A Chorus Line

2 April 2013, London Palladium Makes you really appreciate and respect the hard life of artists. Auditioning relentlessly, putting themselves on the line… It was a fun show. One and I Hope I Get It were two of the songs I first learnt full dances to, so when they performed these two songs, I sat there … More A Chorus Line

Chariots of Fire

28 May 2012, Hampstead Theatre, London The thing that mainly motivated me to see this was because Miriam Buether designed the stage. Having worked with her a few times before and having seen other shows with her stunning stage designs, I’ve become a fan. When I worked on dance productions before, it never really struck … More Chariots of Fire

London Road

9 May 2011, National Theatre I have this hypocritical relationship with reviews. I never seem to really agree with many of them, but at the same time, I still use them to gauge whether or not to see a show. And so when a show that was struggling to sell tickets gets NINE 5-star national … More London Road