Eonnagata 女方

23 June 2009, Sadler’s Wells, London Eonnagata tells the story of the Chevalier d’Éon, Charles de Beaumont – diplomat, writer, swordsman and a member of the King’s Secret, a network of spies under the control of Louis XV. De Beaumont was perhaps the first spy to use transvestitism in the furtherance of his duties and … More Eonnagata 女方


Spill \ˈspil\ intransitive verb: To pour out or spread beyond limits Robert Pacitti is an amazing man. He’s the force behind SPILL, London’s festival of experimental theatre and live arts performance. I always find it really intriguing speaking to him. He’s so genuine and brimming with ideas…so incredibly packed with them that he’s going to … More SPILL

Among 2008

Ahh.. my first post. The ten shows in 2008 that I found the most memorable, the most inspiring, the most enjoyable… ones that made me think, moved me, changed my perceptions were… 1. Yo-yo Ma & Kathryn Stott (Barbican, London, December 2008). Hands down winner! In particular Bodas de Prata & Quatro Cantos…I had never … More Among 2008