Thomas Noone Dance: Crush and Fútil

5 February 2009, Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall

Thomas Noone is a classic artist figure. One who is brimming full of ideas, jumping from subject to subject when you talk to him, thanking you for your feedback while asking you ten other questions at the same time. What a great guy.

fut01gParticularly memorable was a scene where him and his (on- and off-stage) partner danced amongst dozens of bottles of water on stage. Stark and quietly beautiful.

When asking him how come he moved to Barcelona (he was born, raised and trained in England), he really sweetly answered that he moved there because of love. Aw. His partner Nuria lived in Barcelona at the time… he went and never came back! Aw and with the continent having greater resources and having a much more developed modern dance scene, it’s a win-win in every aspect.

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