Peer Gynt

12 May 2009, Barbican, London

Peer_GyntNot quite sure what I think of this play yet. Really quite absurd. Maybe in a few days, I’ll have formed more thoughts.

I liked certain elements of it – the creative set (particularly the plane window, the trailer and the metal ramp), a strong cast (as expected of National Theatre of Scotland & the Dundee Rep Ensemble)… but there were some parts where you are like uh.. like when they ran down into the audience (why do shows keep doing that!) or the gorilla scene…

One thing I got out of it for sure is that I now want to read the original play by Ibsen and see how this modern interpretation came about.

Mm I’ll come back to this one. But one interesting fact for now: did you know In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg is originally written for this play? I didn’t!

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