Lucy Guerin: Love Me

20 May 2009, Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

pt_loveme_0809_ent-lead__200x289I liked the artistic concept of the first piece – Reservoir Of Giving I And II. I really like it when spoken word is mixed in with dance (like Jonathan Lunn Dance Company’s Reading Room!).

The piece consisted of 2 dancers – one on-screen, the other off-screen. It started with the guy on-screen (whom we hear as the voiceover), while the girl danced in front of the screen. The guy looked like he came straight out of a styled-magazine photoshoot – perfectly dressed and in a modern bedroom. Yet, his poses and words were such a huge contrast to this ‘perfect’ image. He complained and complained – talked about relationships, love, the girl nagging, having to compromise etc (usual stuff that sets me off fuming!) What he said was quite dated (these pieces themselves are dated – created in 02/03). The girl danced to these words, showing that she was like a puppet, or maybe, she was showing that she was manipulating him like a puppet.

And then she disappeared behind the screen and came onto the screen, whereas he disappeared from the projection and walked out from behind the screen to the front and started dancing. And gosh, what the girl said was even more grrr… totally prescribing her as the stereotypical clueless and overly-demanding girl…though there was a funny bit about how he always asks ‘Guess what?’ *pause*… (sorry, one of those you had to be there things). The dancing showed that he wasn’t that perfect either… it was choreographed so that he was portrayed as quite awkward, quite not knowing what to do, needing but not wanting at the same time. Ah the conflicts of one’s thoughts, needs and desires in others.

Things are never the way they look. And do couples, after being together a while, really start ranting and going on about such unimportant, minute, trivial things? There is so much more in life to focus on!

But yes, I really liked the concept of interacting on and off screen and.. I’d love to put together an evening of youth poetry/spoken word and dance too. Mmm..!

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