Derren Brown: Enigma

derren17 July 2009, Adelphi Theatre, London.

He baffles my mind.

The show began with simple tricks, where he would let us in on the ‘secrets’, really driving home the point he always advocates – that what he does is all realy just illusions, subliminal messaging, sleight of hand tricks, distractions and knowing how the mind works. You almost starting believing that he is ordinary. But then soon after, he starts pulling all these crazy acts… and as much as I tried to figure everything out, it became pretty apparent that it’s just impossible to figure how his mind works and how he did all that.

Though… as this was the 2nd time I’ve seen him live, I’m proud to say that I was a lot more observant and had a way more critical eye on everything he was doing! The gestures, the distractions and the setup of the stage. But still, even this ‘experience’ didn’t help. I think I figured out a few more things. But there was still plenty I couldn’t figure out. But of course, that’s why he’s amazing and worth watching. A part of me really hopes that he didn’t cheat, didn’t have extra pair of hands helping, didn’t plant people in the audience etc, but a part of me just doesn’t believe he can do everything that he did.

I’m being quite vague here just in case you plan on going to see him! Anyway, aw, I really wanted to be hypnotized by him. I really tried to clear my mind and listen to his instructions. I guess I tried too hard 😦

4 thoughts on “Derren Brown: Enigma

  1. Sounds awesome. I’ll keep an eye out for him (if he ever travels to Asia). But guess what? CDS is coming to HK again with another show. Don’t remember what its called though 🙂 Come back for it! I’ll buy you the ticket. You buy chicken, I buy soy sauce! What a great deal.

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