18 October 2010, Donmar Warehouse

Quite rare for Donmar to stage a musical and it was really good. Donmar’s shows are always really good, actually with an exception of one which I walked out of (rarely happens and I always feel terrible and disrespectful, but sometimes you just can’t… take.. it.. anymore…)

It was a Stephen Sondheim piece about a young man who is posted to a battalion in France. Completely in love with a married woman back home, he comes to be intrigued by a sick, and sickly devoted woman in his new home.

He eventually falls in love with this second woman, after she wins him over with her relentless love. It was interesting how he reciprocated, singing that he’s never been so loved before. Does that justify your love for someone? When you get together with someone just because they love you so much? For him, it was because his lover would never really truly be his. And that obviously she didn’t love him enough to give up everything she already had.

The singing was fantastic and the choreography was really good. Clara’s voice was really strong in particular. Only recently have I started studying and noticing the choreography within plays – how each of the characters move on stage and around each other. It’s something I’ve never noticed too much before but I’m becoming more aware of, and more and more impressed with how cleverly staging is done in the UK!

The one thing about the show though was that the whole time I was anticipating a shootout because the actor had gotten injured on stage the week before. Incredible that he’s already back one stage.. I suppose, the show must go on!

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