Phantom of the Opera

July 4 2012, Her Majesty’s Theatre, London

I can now legitimately say that Phantom is one of my favourite musicals! I’ve always wanted to claim that but somehow it never seemed right as I was ten years old when I last saw and enjoyed it.

A few reasons why I like it so much:

  • It’s such a classic. The story is classic, the music is classic. We grew up listening to our parents listen and sing to the songs constantly. My parents loved Sarah Brightman – I remember going to her concert when I was very young and being amazed at the strength of her voice.
  • Along the same lines, it’s a musical you just don’t get anymore these days. All the new ones are so mainstream, so based on pop culture.
  • The story is so romantic and even more romantic knowing that Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote it for Sarah Brightman (while married to someone else, hm)
  • The songs really show off the talents of the performers. And we loved how the music was so loud – really moves you to the core, immersing you into the moment.. gave me goosebumps!

Upon returning home, I immediately downloaded the CD and movie. I think everyone around me is getting sick of me listening to the songs, watching the movie and humming the music. Not me though 😀 I can’t wait to watch it again!

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