The Weir

8 May 2013, Donmar Warehouse, London This play won the Evening Standard, Critics’ Circle and Olivier award for Best New Play in 1997. Ashamedly, I had actually never heard of the play or the playwright Conor McPherson! The playwright is regarded as one of our greatest living young playwrights. The play is set in a … More The Weir


3 March 2013, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts Comedy is usually not my preferred theatre genre (primarily because I don’t like slapstick humour which then crosses off a lot of comedy for me) but… Chinglish… wow it was so good! And I was so pleased it was good, though I wish we got to … More Chinglish

Wild Swans

20 May 2012, Young Vic Theatre, London Growing up, we always studied Chinese History at school. But somehow, nothing would ever stick. There would be the old Emperor here or the deathly battle there… but those characters and stories were too removed from our daily lives. And interestingly, we were never taught contemporary history. When … More Wild Swans

Chariots of Fire

28 May 2012, Hampstead Theatre, London The thing that mainly motivated me to see this was because Miriam Buether designed the stage. Having worked with her a few times before and having seen other shows with her stunning stage designs, I’ve become a fan. When I worked on dance productions before, it never really struck … More Chariots of Fire

London Road

9 May 2011, National Theatre I have this hypocritical relationship with reviews. I never seem to really agree with many of them, but at the same time, I still use them to gauge whether or not to see a show. And so when a show that was struggling to sell tickets gets NINE 5-star national … More London Road

The Glass Menagerie

10 December 2010, Young Vic Theatre, London I’m increasingly enjoying watching theatre… but even more to my surprise, enjoying reading plays! I’ve never read or looked to read plays voluntarily. Why…? I think it’s partly because I enjoy prose more. It’s less fragmented, more descriptive. It is less work because authors are usually so (or … More The Glass Menagerie

Earthquakes in London

August 2010, National Theatre, London The thing that most impressed me about this show was the staging and the set. Cottlesloe Theatre was transformed into a walkway that snaked, where audiences sat on bar stools or stood off the catwalk. There were two boxed alcoves on either end, and then images and videos were projected … More Earthquakes in London