The Vasa Museum: if the Vasa had sailed on…


8 March 2009, The Vasa Museum, Stockholm, Sweden.

A warship sank in the 17th century. A ship made of 100 oak trees. Its maiden voyage was its only voyage which lasted 20 minutes. The ship was rediscovered about 50 years ago and took four years to be hauled up from under the sea. It is speculated that had the boat been one metre wider, it wouldn’t have sank.

This warship is on display at the Vasa Museum and is the only surviving 17th century warship in the world today. It’s also apparently the largest object on display at any museum in the world. The museum is purpose-built, which is great as you can view the ship from all different angles. There are also some beautiful models of ships around the exhibition hall. Reminds me of the ones my uncle build and are around our home.

So! The exhibition is quite amusing in that half of it is based on the premise: ‘if the Vasa had sailed on…‘ Heh.

Hm. What’s the difference between a boat and a ship?

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