Pina Bausch Remembered

Pina-Bausch-attending-the-005 I’ve had a sinking feeling in me all day today, after I found out that Pina Bausch had passed away.

It may sound excessive and may sound like I’m stretching the truth, but honestly, Pina Bausch is someone I worship. That is the right word… worship. Everytime I think of her works, it gives me goosebumps. She is arguably dance’s most influential figure and her works are just phenomenal. Her works always conjure up so many emotions when you watch them, because the subject matters she picks or the scenes she sets them in are usually ghostly familiar. And you become absolutely transfixed with what is happening on stage. Her works aren’t just on stage though.. they transcend into film and visual arts. Her death will definitely spread even more flames to the current heated debate about women in choreography, or as some like to argue, the lack thereof.

When I found out that her latest piece Bamboo Blues was showing in New York, I was really disappointed that it wasn’t coming to London and sad that I couldn’t go see it. But I felt the joy when my friend in NY told me she absolutely loved it after I recommended Bausch to her. When my colleague and I found out that there was a festival in Germany of her works, we nearly jumped on the plane right away.

The other night, my friends and I were chatting about the most incredible shows we’ve ever seen and there is no doubt that Pina Bausch works are up there for me. I’m really sad that we’ll no longer see new pieces of hers, but her works will long be around and her influence and spirit will live on…

Perhaps the best way to sum up the feeling and the hope is what Bidisha from Guardian expressed:

Her death shouldn’t curtail her genius, but seal it. Instead of casting a shadow, it should throw a light.

Ladies and gentlemen – Pina Bausch.’

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