Russell Maliphant – two : four : ten

April 7 2009, London Coliseum, London

I fell in love with Maliphant’s piece two when I saw it at Sadler’s Wells’ Sampled earlier this year. I was so excited when I saw that they were developing the piece into a duet two x two for Maliphant’s show two : four : ten!

It was great. In the original piece, the dancer Dana Fouras stood in a pool of dim light, as if she was trapped within a square box. Starting slowly, her arms and legs moved faster and faster, becoming a windmill, becoming like the spokes of a fan… as her movements built up, the music also built up. It’s an exhilarating piece to watch. For the duet, she does the same exact dance, but Daniel Proietto stands downstage from her, with his movements complementing hers beautifully. As one slowed down, the other would speed up. At moments, they were in sync, and then they would drop out of sync, only to catch up with each others movements again within a few music bars, within a few heartbeats. The extra dancer really added to the piece, the momentum and the eerieness. The feeling of solidarity that Fouras evoked when it was a solo didn’t get lost in this duet version.

The use of lighting was ingenious – very typical for Maliphant to have really good lighting. And only when the lights come on, do you realize that the girl had actually been standing on a raised stage the whole time. Her being on a different level didn’t register at all while watching them perform, as other than the two boxes of lights that trapped the dancers in, they danced in complete darkness. Very clever, I liked the moment of ‘woah, that was clever – can’t believe I didn’t notice at all’ when they turned on the lights.

I really like Maliphant’s lighting. Hm. Some inspiration there.

Man, I’m really behind on the blogging!

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