Inherit the Wind

6 December 2009, Old Vic, London

I recently held the original first edition copy of The Origin of Species that Charles Darwin gave Royal Society! 🙂 I can’t believe I was allowed to touch it with my bare hands. I feel like it should be something that should be framed and locked away in a safe with a 50 digit code.

Anyhow! The reason I brought this up is because Inherit the Wind is loosely based on a true case, where a secondary teacher was put on trail for teaching his students about Darwin’s theory of evolution, contrary to a state law that prohibited this, as it is against Christian beliefs.

This play was really incredible. It was intellectually engaging. It made you question your rights and your right to question… your right to interpret, reinterpret and think. The acting was brilliant, particularly Kevin Spacey. The set and the lighting worked really well. The singing and music also really added to it.

Kevin Spacey was incredible. It actually took awhile to figure out which character he was playing because it totally did not look like him and he was so in character. Even all the way till the end, you had a slight belief that Kevin Spacey’s character wasn’t real… and that it was actually Kevin Space playing him. He even bowed in the manner of this character at the end. And because that’s the last thing you see of the cast, for me, that really wraps up the attitude great actors have towards acting – complete embracement.

Go see it!!

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